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Spy Phone - SMS Control SVP-08

Product has been discontinued!
When called, the spy phone with the special number does not ring, change, or show signs of a call and has no history call records either. It is like nothing has happened!

1. Monitoring Live Conversation or Listening into Surrounding Sounds
You can listen to live conversations on the spy phone and also can call and listen into surrounding sounds when the target is not using the spy phone(in standby).If there is an incoming call or the spy phone user wants to use the phone, the spy phone will stop monitoring and will change into a normal phone.

2. Incoming and Outgoing Phone Number SMS Notification
The spy phone will send the incoming and outgoing phone number to the special number when the conversation on the phone is taking place.When the target gets or sends a message, the spy phone also send the same text to the special phone number without any records.

3. The Spy Phone's SIM Card Change Notification
The spy phone will automatically send SMS to the special phone number.

4. Tracking The Spy Phone Location via The Special Phone Number

5. SMS Remote Control
Predetermined phone number can be changed by SMS request. Also, SMS notification function can be activated /deactivated remotely by SMS message from the special phone number.

  Spy Phone Software 0S9 suitable for:
N95/ N91/ N92/ N93i/ N80/ N77/ N76/ N73/ N72/ N71/ E65/ E70/ E61/ E61i/ E90/ E60/ E50/ 5500/ 3250/ Vertu Constellation

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