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Main Power Bugging Device STRC-100


Main Power Bugging Device STRC-100 One of the most popular audio surveillance equipment is listening bugs. Listening devices can help evaluate threats and safety levels of people in many situations. A Wireless Microphone listening device broadcasting surveillance conversations to a radio receiver helps law enforcement officers gather and store information. This audio surveillance system is one of many available to police agencies that need listening devices to collect evidence on suspected criminals.

Our bugging device is in ultra-miniature size and available concealed with a main power (from 110V - 220V ) , thus making your audio spying 100% covert. If there is a lamp or TV or radio that works by plugging into an electrical outlet socket, you can install the bugs on any of those appliances. Simply connect the surveillance transmitters anywhere on the wire and you will be able to broadcast audio surveillance of conversations in that room.

You can also call STRC-100 as a wired listening bug because these bugs don't use batteries. They use AC power to 'feed'. You can leave these devices for long period of times and disassemble when audio surveillance is done.

All out products are manufactured using premium quality components for ultimate reliability and performance to give distortion free, exceptional quality audio.


  • Room Monitoring
  • Homeland Security
  • Standard Indoor Surveillance Operation
  • Design for Hidden Installation
  • Audio Surveillance or Audio Intercept purposes, to be used by law enforcement agencies
  • Private Investigation


  • Miniature size
  • Long operation hours
  • Clearly voice quality
  • Designed for working with our STV-02 and STV-05 Digital and Analog Receivers


Frequency Band:   UHF
Output power: +10 dBm
Modulation: WFM
Power Supply: 110 / 220 VAC
Microphone: extension, Knowles
Audio dynamic range compression ratio: 15 dB
Dimensions: 2 x (32 x 13 x 8)mm
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