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Long Range Remote Controlled Bugging Device STRC-700

Long Range Remote Controlled Bugging Device STRC-700


One of the most popular audio surveillance equipment is listening bugs. Listening devices can help evaluate threats and safety levels of people in many situations. A Wireless Microphone listening device broadcasting surveillance conversations to a radio receiver helps law enforcement officers gather and store information. This audio surveillance system is one of many available to police agencies that need listening devices to collect evidence on suspected criminals.

This analogy spy bug is one of the most power transmitter in our products. It can be active/deactive by our STV-05 Receiver.

Due to its tiny size the transmitter can be concealed in various items. The STRC-700 transmitter is suitable for the most miniature types of camouflage, making it an indispensable intelligence gathering tool for nearly every scenario and the ideal choice for body-worn applications, close protection monitoring and temporary deployments.


  • Room Monitoring
  • Homeland Security
  • Standard Indoor Surveillance Operation
  • Design for Hidden Installation
  • Audio Surveillance or Audio Intercept purposes, to be used by law enforcement agencies
  • Private Investigation


  • Activate/Deactivate the transmitter by remote control
  • Change frequency of transmitter by remote control
  • Programmable 5-digit PIN to enable remote control
  • Programmable operating frequency with using STV-05
  • Long range
  • Battery low warning
  • Built-in Frequency Synthesizer
  • Built-in Li-Pol Battery
  • Built-in charging chip
  • Small size
  • Long time in Stand-BY Mode
  • Designed for working with STV-05 Digital and Analog Receiver


Frequency of the transmitter (setting with using STV-05):   400 MHz ÷ 440 MHz
Frequency setting accuracy (setting with using STV-05) 5 kHz
Output Power: +20 dBm
Modulation: WFM
Power Supply: 3.6VDC (Internal Li-Pol battery 230 mA/h)
Operation time in standby: no less than 2 months
Operation time in TX: 2 hours
Antenna: 180 mm
Microphone: built-in, Knowles (optional - extension)
Dimensions: 48 x 23 x 12 mm
Charger: 5VDC, 500mA
Charging time: ~60 min

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