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Portable Anti-wiretap Mobile Phone Detector Case SVA-01

Living in the world of high technology of telecommunication, anyone's conversation can be wiretapped by activating one's cell phone like Spy Telephone. SVA-01 detector is meant for detecting unauthorized listening in by cell phone.

SVA-01 and cell phone
Who need SVA-01 Detector?
Government officials, business people and whoever are careful of their voice data should have SVA-01 detector! You can carry SVA-01 detector with you everywhere. No body knows SVA-01 detector is a detector because it just looks like an ordinary small case.
The Principle of Operating
Put the cell phone in SVA-01 detector case. If the cell phone is activated but the display still stays on standby mode, it means that the transmitter of the cell phone is unauthorized switched on. This electromagnetic field change of the cell phone is detected by the SVA-01 detector and then SVA-01 detector will turn on the built-in noise generator to warn you!
SVA-01 in case SVA-01 and case SVA-01 only
  Noise level   85 dB
Noise spectrum 300 - 4000 Hz
Power supply 3 V (CR2025)
Operation time no less than 2 months

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