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Room Bugging Device STRC-300


Room Bugging Device STRC-300 This room transmitter uses the CR2032 battery and has been designed for fixed room use and body worn applications.

It is a professional surveillance transmitter for the most demanding situations.

When building hidden transmitters into briefcases, desktop lighters, ashtrays, pocket calculator, and other everyday objects, no one would suspect that those items possess disguised transmitters. Because room transmitters come as hidden transmitters and disguised transmitters, they are able to capture conversations without being noticed.

A room transmitter works the same way that room bugs and surveillance transmitters operate. Each is able to hear conversations in a room, amplify the sound from those conversations, and broadcast them over the air to a surveillance receiver. Room transmitters can send conversations to a receiver with a surveillance recorder (STV-05 receiver). In that way, the room transmitter is also able to save the conversation for future review.


  • Room Monitoring
  • Homeland Security
  • Standard Indoor Surveillance Operation
  • Design for Hidden Installation
  • Audio Surveillance or Audio Intercept purposes, to be used by law enforcement agencies
  • Private Investigation


  • Miniature size
  • Long operation hours
  • Clearly voice quality
  • Designed for working with our STV-02 and STV-05 Digital and Analog Receivers


Frequency Band:   UHF
Output power: +4 dBm
Modulation: WFM
Power Supply: 3VDC (1 x CR2032)
Antenna: 180 mm
Microphone: built-in, Knowles
Dimensions: 28 x 20 x 8 mm
Operation time: 24 hours
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