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Portable Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Jammer SJ-004G


SJ-004G is a small pocket size hand-held multi band jammer with PC adjustable frequencies which prevents you from being monitored by others and to help prevent disturbances or noise from cellular phone calls at short distances. The Mobile Phone Jammer blocks the operation of cellphones, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices by radiating noise interference.

SJ-004G Portable Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Jammer is mobile cellular phone jammer and with SVIP unique disguised design, people won't notice SJ-004G and can't know SJ-004G is a Portable Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Jammer. This portable unit can jam AMPS,N-AMPS, GSM, CDMA, TDMA, UMTS, WIFI and Bluetooth.

This universal device can work as multi band Cell Phone Jammer or as Wi-Fi Jammer or as Bluetooth Jammer or a combination thereof.

    There are many situations when you do no want to be disturbed by noise from cellular phone calls at short distances. For instance:
  • when you need avoid information being disclosed secretly during meeting
  • when you don't want to ask your visitors to switch off their mobile phones
  • recreation in restaurants, theatres, cinemas, museums, art galleries, libraries
  • while traveling mornings and evenings in the train and want to keep peace of mind and travel in silence
  • when you meet an doctor and want doctor to gives full attention to you
  • praying in a church or temple
  • studies in schools
  • in meeting rooms and board rooms
  • in private offices
  • in your car if you need to concentrate on your driving
  • in bus and vehicles (in order to passengers have good undisturbed nap)
  • in hospitals
  • in recording studio
  • in a factory or office where employees/ coworkers are actual talking by cellphones which is resulting in loss of productivity - a cell phone jammer which has resulted in better productivity in your company
  • in stores where clients use their cell phone very close to the counter and cause loss of business as genuine buyers can not reach the store counter.

Our Cell Phone Wi-Fi Jammer with Frequency Setting SJ-004G will help you protect yourself from the threat of eavesdropping via cell phone (even when cell phone is switched off can listen to conversations at a distance of several meters) or via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

In addition, the Cell Phone Jammer will allow you to suppress any activity of cellular phones in the room, thus giving the opportunity quietly and intently to conduct a meeting, a lecture, a spectacle, a examination, a presentation, to defend a thesis etc. Wherever you need to maintain secrecy or avoid disturbances from cellular phone calls, SJ-004G will be simply indispensable.

This multi band jammer has 3 separate channels designed to operate in GSM-850/ CDMA-850/ GSM-900/ DCS-1800/ PCS-1900/ CDMA-1900/ WCDMA-1900/ WCDMA-2100/ Wi-Fi/ or Bluetooth frequency bands. The user can reprogram the jammer by PC-software to be used in various combinations of these standards and even can tune SJ-004G to specific frequencies.

SJ-004G is destined for personal use. Our portable jammer has small pocket size, fits into the palm of your hand and is easy to slip into your coat pocket. Also it and doesn't look like a regular jammer. Internal antennas make this model inconspicuous. Thereby nobody knows that it's a cell phone jammer!


  • The Cell Phone Jammer can be tuned to specific frequencies
  • 3 separate channels
  • Frequency setting of the Jammer by PC software with friendly graphical user interface
  • Could block all of the mobile phone networks
  • Incredibly easy to operate, just switch it on and it will immediately start blocking CDMA, GSM, DCS and 3G to keep your immediate surrounds annoyance free
  • Built-in antennas - internal antennas is always connected so you can turn on the cell phone jammer anytime and do not take care about antennas as opposed to a regular mobile phone jammer
  • Built-in working & recharge condition indicators
  • Built-in high capacity rechargeable replaceable battery
  • Universal charging from any PC USB or from charger
  • Designed for personal use
  • Portable compact handheld design
  • Extreme portability. The weight is just 125 gramm
  • It doesn't look like a regular Cell Phone Jammer - nobody will know that you use a cell phone jammer!
SJ-004G control programm (click to enlarge)


We bundle SJ-004G together with software which lets user to change the cell phone jammer settings with PC.

    Software works on a PC with USB-port under Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7/ Windows Server 2003. It has such features:
  • to check current jammer settings
  • to apply new settings to jammer
  • separately turn ON/ OFF frequency channels. (This feature lets us extend battery life when unused channel is switched off. Also it's possible to increase output power of the jammer by using 2 channels simultaneously on the same frequencies.)
  • to choose frequency settings from factory preinstalled presets for each channel (software commes with settings appropriate popular cellular networks and Wi-Fi). By using various combination of these presets this multi band jammer can be used like as GSM+3G jammer or GSM+WiFi jammer or 3G+Wi-Fi jammer or GSM/3G/Wi-Fi-only jammer or can be tuned to specific frequencies.
  • to use user presets separately for each channel. (There is an availability to tune the jammer to desired specific frequencies. User can select for each channel separately initial and final frequencies within the operational frequency range)
  • easy friendly graphical user interface. It's very easy to switch the presets or change frequencies - only click on radiobuttons or move sliders.


Numbers of jamming channels: 3
Channel 1 TX frequency: 800 ~ 1000 MHz
Cover GSM-850/ CDMA-850 or GSM-900
Channel 2 TX frequency: 1799 ~ 2176 MHz
Cover DCS-1800 or PCS-1900/ CDMA-1900/ WCDMA-1900 or WCDMA-2100 (3G)
Channel 3 TX frequency: 1924 ~ 2492 MHz
Cover PCS-1900/ CDMA-1900/ WCDMA-1900 or WCDMA-2100 (3G) or Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth
Total output power: 0.9W (3 x 0.3W)
Number of factory presets: 8
Number of user presets: 1 for each channel
Antennas: Built-in
Jamming range: up to 8 meters * (the signal must ≤85dBm in the location)
Continue using time: 45 min (3 channels are working)
Internal Battery: rechargeable replaceable 3.6V 1800mAh (Li-Polymer cell)
Charger: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz / 5VDC 0.5A or PC USB
Weight: 125g
Dimension: 105 x 70 x 25 mm
Housing: Black Color Plastic Housing
Operation temperature: -10…+55°C
View User Manual (English) User Manual SJ-004G

Important Notes:

The jamming distances we mentioned on website are for customer's reference only. The actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location

The jamming area is influenced by the location of the cell tower and the obstacles between cell tower & the cellular jammer. It means that in normal condition if the distance is close between the cell tower & the cellular Jammer, it will have very less jamming area. Likewise, if there are obstacles & walls between the cell tower & the cellular phone, the jammer will give more jamming area.

All the TX frequency covered down link only

Who needs Cellular Phone Jammer?

Government agencies use cellular phone jammer as a deterrent to terrorist activity and to keep terrorists from detonating a bomb from miles away or even from outside the country by simply placing a call to the mobile phone.

Law enforcement also uses cellular phone jammer in hostage situations to keep the suspect isolated.

Banks use the cellular phone jammer to prevent robbers from tipping off outside accomplices to departing customers with large withdrawals.

Prison. The use of cellular phone jammers in prisons stops the use of contraband mobile phones.

Business people. Cellular phone jammer can prevent espionage. Cellular Phone Jammer helps protect business, conference room, vehicle, hotel room and home from the invasion of privacy through the mobile phone and surveillance equipment like Spy Phone, GSM Bugs, GSM/Cellular Bugs, GSM/Cellular Transmitters.

School/ Library/ Lecture hall Cellular Phone Jammer helps prevent cheating on tests with mobile phone and helps mobile phone etiquette

Restaurant/ Theater/ Concert/Church/ Mosque/ Cathedral/ Temple Cellular Phone Jammer helps prevent mobile phone abuse.

You need to use it to protect your private space.

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