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Cell Phone Jammer SJ-006LAP


SJ-006LAP is middle RF power, accurate cellular jammers designed for outdoor use.

It focused on military or govermental special requirements. The bloking range is up to hundreds of meters.

the all-in-one Pelican Case design is camouflage, easy to carry and meets the rainproof and sand-proof demand.

SJ-006 LAPSJ-006 LAP


Jamming range: Diameter 50 ~ 60 M (the signal must <-80dB in the location)
TX frequency: 851/869 ~ 894 MHz
925/936 ~ 965 MHz
1800 ~ 1990 MHz
2110 ~ 2170 MHz
Output power: EIRP up to 50W per band
Antenna: panel antenna-integrated
Continue using time: LiFePO4 battery can support 2 hours
Charge adapter: AC100V ÷ 250V, 50Hz ÷ 60Hz
Operating temperature: -10°C ÷ +60°C
Humidity: 5% ~ 90%
Dimension: 495 x 390 x 190mm (L x W x D)
Weight: 15 Kg (system + battery)


  • Built in patch antenna
  • Support using while battery charging
  • Built in LiFePO4 battery can support 2 hours
  • Panel Antenna-integrated
  • PLL syntesizers
  • IR remote control
  • One year warranty

Who needs Cellular Phone Jammer?

Government agencies use cellular phone jammer as a deterrent to terrorist activity and to keep terrorists from detonating a bomb from miles away or even from outside the country by simply placing a call to the mobile phone.

Law enforcement also uses cellular phone jammer in hostage situations to keep the suspect isolated.

Banks use the cellular phone jammer to prevent robbers from tipping off outside accomplices to departing customers with large withdrawals.

Prison. The use of cellular phone jammers in prisons stops the use of contraband mobile phones.

Business people. Cellular phone jammer can prevent espionage. Cellular Phone Jammer helps protect business, conference room, vehicle, hotel room and home from the invasion of privacy through the mobile phone and surveillance equipment like Spy Phone, GSM Bugs, GSM/Cellular Bugs, GSM/Cellular Transmitters.

School/ Library/ Lecture hall Cellular Phone Jammer helps prevent cheating on tests with mobile phone and helps mobile phone etiquette

Restaurant/ Theater/ Concert/Church/ Mosque/ Cathedral/ Temple Cellular Phone Jammer helps prevent mobile phone abuse.

You need to use it to protect your private space.

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