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Digital Remote Controlled Audio Transmitter STRC-400


STRC-400 STRC-400 is a digital encrypted remote controlled audio transmission system. The digital transmitter with increased output power is designed to transmit acoustic data via radio channel with digital encoding.

Due to its tiny size the transmitter can be concealed in various items. The STRC-400 transmitter is suitable for the most miniature types of camouflage, making it an indispensable intelligence gathering tool for nearly every scenario.

Transmitted signal can be received by the high quality communications receiver with built-in decoder only (STV-02); the detection of the audio transmitter is extremely difficult. Due to the modulation process interception without a special decoder is very difficult.

The low power consumption enables excellent long-term audio monitoring operations. The STRC-400 provides excellent transmission quality, making them the ideal choice for body-worn applications, close protection monitoring and temporary deployments.


  • Design for Hidden Installation
  • Close protection monitoring
  • Standard Indoor Surveillance Operation
  • Homeland Security
  • Temporary deployments
  • Law enforcement, Governmental or Police agency


    Can do the following settings by remote control:
  • Activate/Deactivate the transmitter
  • Change frequency of transmitter
  • Activate/Deactivate Audio compressor
  • Change output power of the transmitter
  • Change gain of the microphone amplifier
  • Programmable 4-digit PIN to encode transmission and prevent from non-authorized listening
  • Programmable 4-digit PIN to enable remote control
  • 10000 possible combination of PIN-code
  • 400 frequency channels
  • Audio input for external microphone
  • Battery low warning
  • Built-in Frequency Synthesizer
  • Built-in charging chip
  • Small size
  • Long time in Stand-BY Mode
  • Designed for working with STV-02 Digital and Analog Receiver


Frequency of the transmitter (setting with remote control):   400 MHz ÷ 440 MHz
Step of transmitter frequency setting by remote control 100 kHz
Output Power (setting with remote control):  
  low power +10 dBm
  high power +18 dBm
Modulation: FSK @ 100 kHz
Audio coding nonlinear PCM
Audio dynamic range compression ratio: 15 dB
Frequency (remote control receiver): 315 MHz
Power Supply: 3.6V (Li-pol battery 230 mA/h)
Operation time:  
  standby no less than 10 months
TX low power 5 hours
TX high power 1.5 hours
Antenna: 180 mm
Microphone: built-in, Knowles (optional - extension)
Dimensions: 48 x 23 x 12 mm
Charger: 5VDC, 500mA
Charging time: 120 min
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