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UHF Digital / Analog Receiver with built-in recorder STV-05


STV-05 - is a combination of analog and digital surveillance receiver, SD-card recorder and remote controller realized in a weatherproof rugged housing.

Our universal Surveillance Receiver not only picks up the transmissions of listening devices and wireless Audio Transmitters but also this Combo Receiver has a built-in Digital Audio Recorder which can record all reception of listening devices to popular microSD-card. In addition the Receiver has an availability to control some kinds of Audio Mini Transmitters by built-in Remote Controller.

The Surveillance Receiver with built-in Recorder remembers user presets in 100 nonvolatile memory channels, so the frequency settings will not be lost when the battery become exhausted.

In Analog Mode this Surveillance Receiver can work with our mini transmitters of the Series STR-100, STR-200, STR-300, STRC-100, STRC-200, STRC-300, STRC-600 (partially), STRC-700. With STV-05 the User can remotely activate or deactivate the STRC-700, change frequency of the transmitter.

Also our Receiver is compatible for operation with another NFM and WFM Mini Transmitters which are working in the frequency range 400 – 465 MHz.

This Receiver with Recorder can work in Digital Mode for operation with our Professional Digital Audio Transmitter STRC-405. With STV-05 the User can remotely activate/ deactivate, change frequency, change output power of the Digital Transmitter.

The Surveillance Receiver has a possibility to protect records, digital receiving, remote controller with 5-numbers PIN-code. It is necessary to know the PIN to listen records or listen transmissions from our digital mini transmitters, activate/ deactivate the transmitters, change settings.

Our universal Receiver has built-in high quality Microphone so it is possible to use the receiver as a regular Voice Recorder. The record will be protected with PIN.



  • Synthesized receiver
  • Adjustable frequency step (5 steps)
  • Support WFM and NFM modulations
  • Signal Strength meter
  • Scan memory channel function
  • Battery save facility with Battery level indicator
  • Easy to read backlit LCD
  • Backlit LCD & Keypad
  • Separate controls for volume, squelch & dial
  • Separate controls for digital recorder
  • Keypad Lock function
  • 3.5mm earphone socket
  • 2.5mm audio output socket
  • PIN protected recording
  • PIN protected digital receiving
  • PIN protected remote controller
  • Built-in Recorder
  • Built-in Remote Controller
  • Built-in Microphone (used for the Recorder)
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Waterproof housing


Analog Mode
Frequency range in analog mode:   400 – 465 MHz
Frequency step   1 kHz/ 5 kHz/ 25 kHz/ 100 kHz/ 250 kHz
Modulation:   WFM, NFM
Sensitivity WFM / NFM:   -110 / -118 dBm
Digital Mode
Frequency range:   875 - 915MHz
Frequency channel capacity:   200
Sensitivity:   -95 dBm
Modulation:   QPSK
Remote Controller
Frequency:   ISM 915MHz
Output power:   +27dBm
Recording medium:   micro SD card (up to 2GB)
Recording time:   up to 40 hrs
Records can be played on a PC (software for decryption is included)    
Memory channel capacity:   100
PIN protection:   65000 combinations
Audio output power:   300 mW
Power supply:   3.7VDC (Li-Pol battery, 2000 mA/h)
Operation time   up to 24 hrs
Dimensions   126 x 67 x 41 mm
Weight   220 g
Charger   5V, 0.5A (USB)

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