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Endoscope Digital Recorder with 3.9 Wired Side View Probe Camera SDV-05SV

    IP-67 standard
  • Proof for the following liquid
  • Gasoline leadless 95
  • Diesel
  • Machine oil 15W-40
  • Brake oil DOT-4
  • Gear Oil
  • Alcohol


Camera system & Insert tube
Image Sensor CMOS
Insert tube diameter Ø3.9 mm
Resolution 320 (H) x 240 (V)
Frame rate 30 fps
S/N Ratio 42 dB or more
Exposure Automatic
White balance Fix
Light Source 460 ~ 515 mcd * 2 LED
Length 1M - 3M
Field of View Horizontal field angle 45.2°
Vertical field angle 34°
Diagonal field angle 56°
Depth of Field (DOF) 1 cm ~ 6 cm
Power DC5V
Battery Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery (3.7V)
Display 3.5" TFT LCD Monitor
Recording media SD or SDCH (up from 2G)
Video output format NTSC & PAL
Video output interface AV out
Interface Mini USB 2.0 / AV out
Compression format JPEG / M-JPEG
Still image storage format JPEG (704*528)
Video Recording Format AVI
(High) 768*576 @ 25 fps for PAL
(Low) 384*288 @ 25 fps for PAL
(High) 640*480 @3 0 fps for NTSC
(Low) 320*240 @ 30 fps for NTSC
Language English, Spanish, Italian, French, Deutsch, Chinese, Simple Chinese, Japanese
DVR Operating temperature -20°C ~60°C
Preserving temperature -20°C ~60°C
Environment temperature when charging the device 0°C ~40°C
Insertion tube operating temperature -20°C ~70°C

Industrial Borescope Applications. A time saving and life saving tool!

Borescopes are an invaluable tool for a wide range of disciplines and applications that include the day-to-day needs of automotive mechanics, plumbers, building inspectors and the critical use of law enforcement

Rigid and flexible borescopes are a great way to visually inspect engines without having to dismantle the engine block, as they allow you to remotely visualize dark, small, and hard to reach places. Routine inspection with a borescope allow you identification of problem areas and to replace or repair parts before they cause a problem. Flexible borescopes can also be used to track through parts of a fluid or air system to find leaks or blockages in hoses.

The places you can remotely inspect in an automobile are only limited by your imagination. Valves can be inspected for corrosion, integrity of seals, and regular wear & tear. Pistons and piston rings can be inspected for wear and leakage. Welds, castings and any other seals can also be remotely inspected, all this without having to dismantle the entire engine. The insides of rocker panels and bodywork can also be inspected for rust and damage remotely. Fuel lines and tank, as well as exhaust lines can be remotely accessed with a flexible borescope also. These are just some examples of the automotive components and spaces you can visualize using a flexible borescope.

Adding to the benefits of borescopes, videoscopes have a camera built. Videoscopes allow you to see the inspection in real time on a built in monitor, computer or TV screen, and can record still images and video of your inspection to show customers or for your own record keeping. Those recordings will help your customers to have a clear understanding of the repairs or corrective action needed in maintaining their vehicle.

Industrial specialist can use videoscopes to inspect for cracks and flaws on finished products to decide if finished goods meet safety standards and customer specifications. Building technicans find videoscopes to be an excellent to inspect hard to reach crevasses and document damages before major repairs are undertaken.

Law enforcement teams can discretely view underneath doors, into windows and more before making entry and keeping their team safe. In times of natural disaster, search & rescue team can save precious time by detecting victims trapped under debris.

Guided by the experience of many hundreds of law officers worldwide. Remote Viewing Instruments geared towards covert surveillance, contraband search, bomb inspection. Concerns about seeing into gas tanks, locked rooms, sealed packages and countless other situations are now easily resolved

Defence - maintenance of gas turbine, diesel engine and military aircraft for routine inspection, providing cost-effective examination of internal structures without teardown, or for 'machine vision' applications

Security - covert views can be obtained in rooms with limited ambient light, observe tactical situations from a secure position, inspection inside car door panels, inside the compartment of metal walls of 20ft & 40ft containers & other hard to reach places for narcotics and other contraband items.

Aviation - inspection of turbine blades, combustion chambers, airframe examinations and research, development and production of engines.

Search - locating those who may be trapped in collapsed buildings as the result of various disasters, search and rescue operations.

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